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for youth communities in Auckland, Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty & Gisborne

EC17 was epic - what a RIDE!
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Thursday 29 March to 1 April 2018
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BYM Northern Easter Camp 2017


We were all young once. We can remember wanting to be part of something bigger than ourselves, something that was fun, adventurous and crazy. For almost 5000 teenagers and young adults from the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland and the far North regions, Easter Camp is that place.

BYM Northern Easter Camp happens annually at Mystery Creek Events Centre in Hamilton. Camp is packed full of worship, world-class Christian communicators, concerts, sports competitions, seminars, creative arts, talent quests and many other fun and engaging activities. Why do we do this? Because there are many teenagers in our society who feel misunderstood and confused about many of the issues they face in life. At camp, we want to create a space where young people can belong to a community, through a local youth community. Together, young people can learn about the issues they face and challenges they will come across in life. In challenging these young people mentally, physically, spiritually and socially we hope to provide them with tools for the teenage years and beyond!


Easter Camp 2017

The 2017 Camp Theme


Life is busy, but it doesn’t have to be. At Easter Camp 2017, we discovered what it means to create a life filled with ‘Pause’. The idea of Pause is both gritty and challenging especially in our high- speed, high-distraction culture. We teased out ideas like ‘Why do we need to press pause on our lives?’, ‘How do we even do it?’, ‘How did the Easter story model pause at times?’ and ‘How did Jesus model the importance of it’? The theme intertwined with the always- transformative Easter story, impacted the lives of campers this year as we investigated what carving out space to breathe, reflect and reorient ourselves could mean for each of us. Watch this space for the announcement of the EC18 theme later in the year!


Where did Easter Camp come from?


Our Story

In the 1910s “The Baptist” magazine reported that young Baptist men were the first to have Easter camps at the cost of a stunning 25 shillings. In the late 1950s, females joined in the camping fun and by the 1970s Baptist Easter Camps were being run in most districts of NZ with “sophisticated studies, workshops and polished concerts”. The focus was to have young people ministering to young people and so most youth groups had dance, drama, puppet, clown and worship teams doing this at their local camp.

The 2000s has seen huge growth as smaller district camps combined together. Baptist Youth Ministries was a catalyst for this, running the camps to enable youth pastors to be free to focus on their youth. Northern Easter Camp first ran at Finlay Park Adventure Camp with 700 campers. Today, this camp has 5,000 campers and is held at Mystery Creek. Southern Easter Camp also has 5,000 campers and Central Easter Camp, held in Fielding, is continually expanding and has about 1200 campers.

The best part is God using these weekends to change lives. Young people are discovering Jesus in the sense of belonging and community, the speaking, the worship and through encountering the Holy Spirit. This is the most important thing about camp and has remained the same over the last 100 years.


What's our heart?

What's our heart?

Our Philosophy

Easter Camp is not just Entertainment

It’s a place young people meet Jesus and it’s a place where young people are introduced to Him. This means it’s not just about you and your group - it’s about the kids in your community you are called to reach out to. Please encourage this ‘outward’ thinking amongst your young people.

Expectancy Creates Faith

The more excited YOU are about camp, the more your kids will be and faith levels will rise. Faith leads to action and works!

Start this journey now with your youth community. Have them think of someone they would like to bring and start praying - fervently! Nearer the time, have your young people pray specifically for camp.

You are Participants, not Spectators...

...in Prayer, in Action and in Encouragement. We work hard to give you this weekend so that you can be with your young people. You won’t have to do the organising but don’t take the spectator seat because of this.

You are being served so you can serve.

Vision & Mission

Where are we going?

Where are we going?

Our Vision & Mission

We would love to remind you again of the vision and mission we have behind the running of this camp:

Building Relationships

Absolutely crucial, purposeful God based relationships are the catalyst that ignite Easter Camp. Plan a late-night talent quest just for your community held in your own tent village. Why not programme special food and Milo times? What about a Pizza run to Hamilton by one of your leaders? (by permitted Youth leader only). Plan individual time with your young people over the course of camp.


Camp is the perfect environment to challenge your core youth to invite a friend along.  One youth leader even found some money and gave a discount to every young person who invited a friend - it worked and what a great investment!


Local, Community, International. Mission is about lifestyle and God calls us all to be involved in different areas of mission in different ways. The mission of Easter Camp is not only local but also international and we want to expose young people to some things they may have never considered.

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  • 13-Dec-2017

    New website is LIVE baby!

    Welcome! Nau mai haere mai to this cool little site chattin’ all about the BYM Northern Easter Camp held in the mighty Waikato at Mystery Creek. Take a look around and check out the great communicators, awesome action around camp and things you should be getting super excited about in tent city. Get registered with your local youth group/community and start dreamin’. Churrr!

  • 13-Dec-2017

    Promo Video

    Just in time for Christmas! We are proud to announce our theme, 'Wonder' for EC18 with this promo video...

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