Northern Easter Camp 2018

Speakers & Artists

Josh Sanford

Josh is a youth worker from way back who you might recognise from EC17 (remember the lycra?) Josh loves rugby league, golf and cycling, has a passion to see people come to know Jesus. His dream is to be a youth-pastor until he dies.


Blue has been the Director of Easter Camp for ten years. He is as passionate about young people as he is about all things outdoors. Blue has a knack for story- telling and connecting people and likes to think he also has a knack for fishing.

Jay Ruka

Jay used to be young - now he just pretends to be young. He knows a thing or two about following Jesus because that’s what he loves most. He also loves his wife and three little rug-rats as well as discovering the hidden treasures of Aotearoa. He is a minister, musician, author, surfer and all round good guy.


Known as the 'barefoot bishop', Justin works amongst the most vulnerable people in Wellington and recently pioneered the contemporary Ngatiawa monastery. He is passionate about young people and living in intentional community.

Esther Greenwood

Esther Greenwood is one of NZ’s leading communicators, working in the creative arts and with young people for over 10 years. She is a worship pastor and brings passion, soul, impact and truth to the stage. And she is funny as too.


A native of Washington DC, Santron discovered acting, music and dance and his life changed. Santron features in prominent music videos and tours with Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys and is on his way to good ol' NZ to share some booty- shakin' inspiration.


Danielle deeply believes in the power of poetry and story-telling. Hailing from the USA East Coast native, she is a former high school teacher and lover of breakfast. One day she hopes to complete a New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle without any help.