Northern Easter Camp 2018

What's On Over the Weekend

Super Hero Dance Party

Get your group prepped for the greatest dance party of the year! Wonder Woman, Batman and Spidey will all be there busting moves no mere human could pull off.


With fun, laughter and talent, this night will be packed full of wonder, entertainment and the chance to get on stage and show off your brains, good looks and mahhhd skills.

Soak Worship

Coming together to experience God’s awe and wonder through worship is a key part of Easter Camp culture. We have some great local musicians and worship leaders lined up to bringing us into God’s presence at EC18.

Unicorn Party

Imagine your ultimate 5th birthday party! Cake, party games, silly dress ups and all your mates. We will be making all of these dreams come true for one afternoon and it will be a lot of fun just for fun's sake!

Reflective Space

This space is always beautiful and we are working hard on installations that enable you to sit, be still, reflect and have your hearts and imaginations captured by the Jesus story told through art and wonder.

Main Sessions

With a combination of worship, speaking, performance and spoken word, the twice-daily main sessions are designed so that wherever you are at and however old you are, you can get heaps out of it. Our line-up of cool speakers will ensure something will hit you right in the heart and soul. These are held in the Main Auditorium.

Small Group Sessions

In a large camp it is essential to keep close to your own youth community and so there will be ‘small group’ times after the main meetings where you meet together to discuss what God is doing. These are compulsory and will be organised by the leaders of your youth community.

Seminars & Workshops

This year Carey Baptist College and some other great presenters will be running the seminars and workshops. Make sure you make the most of these late afternoon sessions and bring a notebook and Bible to camp!

Talent Quest

Think you got some talent that people wanna see? Then enter the awesome EC TALENT QUEST and get discovered! It's easy! Just fill in the application form, click send and we'll register you. We will be in touch with you closer to the time about performance times, what to expect etc.


Your Youth Leader will register your Sports teams so please connect with them about that.


This competition is for groups who want to get in have a go and have some fun. Rules still apply. Pool play for the social competition is on the Friday with finals taking place on the Sunday afternoon. Limited spaces available for all sports. First in first served.


The league competition is for groups who take their sports more seriously and want play at a competitive level. Normal sport rules apply. Fair play will be awarded. More games will be played in this competition; teams must be able to play all their pool games on the Saturday with finals taking place on the Sunday afternoon.


For each team you enter, your youth community must provide a referee for that sport. Your referee will be expected to referee the game immediately after the one your team has played – this may mean they miss a game if you have one scheduled.


Don’t forget there will be lots of community-centred activities including mud-pit, human fooseball, foam party and the return of the tough guy/girl challenge, just to name a few. Come prepared!