Northern Easter Camp 2019

Mike Pilavachi

If you haven’t met Mike, you’re in for a real treat. All the way from the other side of the world, where he may or may not rub shoulders with Her Majesty the Queen, Mike is the co-founder of a youth movement known as Soul Survivor. Mike is an expectational communicator who masterfully presents the gospel with humour and relevancy, bringing the power of the Word alive for young people.


Jordyn is a visionary and creative communicator who is passionate about Āotearoa and all the people who nd their home here. She’s the kind of gal that nds pure satisfaction in a funky thrift nd. A daydreamer. An optimist. A lover of music and creative expressions of worship. An enthusiastic story-teller. Jordyn loves hanging out with her hub and is a besotted mum of a two-year-old mini human.


Born and bred in the Waikato, Jeremy has worked as a youth pastor, newspaper deliverer, pork crackle sealer and kiwifruit labourer. He has a fascination with exploring the intersection between faith and life, and loves sharing his observations with others who are interested in looking deeper and closer. Beyond reading pages and tapping the laptop, Jeremy pretends he can play basketball like Reggie Miller, & loves running trails, theology and baking up a storm


Blue has been the Director of Easter Camp for eleven years now - pretty sweet innings! He is as passionate about young people as he is about all things outdoors. Blue has a knack for story-telling and connecting people and likes to think he also has a knack for shing. Blue literally wants to change the world and believes the next generation are fully equipped to do it.