Northern Easter Camp

Northern Easter Camp 2021

Natua Kaa-Morgan

Natua’s got whale rider, war dog and wayfarer in her blood. She’s brown like earth, deep like ocean, and free like sky. When she’s not out here decolonising the world with her husband, ya sis is loving on David Attenborough or THE QUEEN Rihanna. She communicates from her puku, her gut, the place where love sits - and that love is thick for Aotearoa. She is wahine. Māori. The Pacific Ocean. The land.

Matt Martyn

Matt is an excellent communicator who passionately brings the Word to life by carefully weaving story and practical application through his messages. With over 15 years of youth ministry experience, Matt and his wife, Kelly, now lead a church community in Hamilton, and have a heart to see people know and experience the love of Jesus in their lives. We are excited to welcome Matt back to camp again this year!

Matt Renata

With Māori and Gujarati whakapapa, Matt Renata was born and raised in Te Awakairangi. He’s spent the past 12 years of his life as a youth and community worker, serving the young people of Wellington and Aotearoa. His ultimate dream is that every person that calls Aotearoa home knows their identity, knows their sense of belonging and knows their God-given purpose in this world. Along with his wife Rachel, their hopes are that every person would eventually discover what God has destined for them and that they would fulfil that in this lifetime.

Josh Sanford

Josh is a youth worker from way back who you might recognise from EC17 (remember the lycra?) Josh loves rugby league, golf and cycling, has a passion to see people come to know Jesus. His dream is to be a youth-pastor until he dies. Or maybe a singer in a famous rock band but let's stick with youth pastor.


This will be Blues 13th year of Directing Easter Camp. Whaaaat? Pretty sweet innings! He’s been around for a while now, that's because he is madly in love with Jesus and the local church. He thinks he has the best job in the world - bringing young people and youth groups from anywhere and everywhere to hear about the greatest story ever told and to celebrate Easter together. Blue literally wants to change the world and believes this generation is fully up for it.

The Friday Morning Crew

Jordyn Rapana (left), Sarah Buckwell (centre) and Leisa Amor (right)

Why have one speaker when we can have three? The Friday Morning Crew will welcome Jordyn Rapana back to the stage, and also introduce Leisa Amor and Sarah Buckwell who will together creatively share the story of Easter through three different perspectives.

The Sunday Morning Crew

Natua Kaa Morgan (left), Emma Wells (centre) and Lucy Talsma (right)

Yet again we will have the Sunday morning session shared by three speakers through narrative lenses. These stories will be shared by Natua Kaa Morgan, Emma Wells and Lucy Talsma.