Our history

In the 1910s “The Baptist” magazine reported that young Baptist men were the first to run and attend Easter camps. By Easter 1921, young women had joined in with the idea of Easter camps and ran their own - at a cost of only 2 shillings. In the late 1950s, both female and male camps combined to form one larger camp. By the 1970s, Baptist Easter Camps were being run in most districts of New Zealand with “sophisticated studies, workshops and polished concerts”.

The focus of these early camps was to have young people leading other young people, resulting in most youth communities having dance, drama and music teams with each contributing to their local events. The 2000s saw huge growth as smaller district camps united into larger combined gatherings. Baptist Youth Ministries were responsible for running the events to enable youth leaders to be free to focus on building community with their own groups.

Who is easter camp for

Today, Northern Easter Camp attracts almost 4000 young people and is held annually at Mystery Creek Events Centre, Waikato. Thousands more youth-aged campers also attend the similar Easter Camps in other parts of the country.

Our hope is that Northern Easter Camp will be an event that develops young people who shape, lead and contribute positively to the future of our nation.

who is northern easter camp for

The philosophy of northern easter camp

We were all young once. We can remember wanting to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, something that was fun, adventurous and crazy! For almost 4000 teenagers and young adults, from the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland and the far North regions, Easter Camp is that place.

Easter Camp is packed full of worship, world-class communicators, live music, sports competitions, seminars, creative arts, talent quests and many other fun and engaging activities. So, why do we do this? Because there are many teenagers in our society who feel misunderstood and confused about many of the issues they face in life.

At camp, we want to create a space where young people can belong to a community, through a local youth community. Together, young people can learn about the issues they face and the challenges they will come across in life. In challenging these young people mentally, physically, spiritually and socially we hope to provide them with tools for life and a hope for the future.

who are northern easter camp

Who we are


Blue Bradley has been the Director of Northern Easter Camp for 15 years. Blue has worked in youth ministry for more than 30 years and is passionate about seeing young-people’s lives transformed to reach their full potential.

Blue is supported by a team of almost 30 Area Heads and Coordinators who, along with their volunteer teams, help make Northern Easter Camp happen each year.


Our board is made up of diverse, passionate, skilled, faith-based individuals, representing our key regions.

The role of the board is to support the director and management team in spiritual oversight, key strategic direction and accountability.


Blue Bradley
Clint Harris
Jess Lovatt
Jonathan Edmeades
Michelle Harrison
Sarah Barnett


northern easter camp director blue

Kia ora koutou katoa! Welcome to Easter Camp 2024.

It’s so good to have you back again, and massive welcome to those of you who are joining us for the first time. 

I love serving you as the Camp Director, it's such a joy. Because I’ve been in this role for a while people recognize me in some of the weirdest places around the Upper North Island. From walking along a beach, sitting in a cafe, to lining up at the checkout counters, people see me and say “you're Blue?”, or “you’re that guy who speaks at that Easter Camp aye???”  It's not the recognition that’s the great part (in fact I find that part a little awkward), it's what comes next, straight away they want to tell me about their experience at camp, about how they met Jesus, of the Easter Story and how He changed their lives. 

That's the best part of my job, listening to the stories of transformed lives through the power of Jesus. I’m often moved to tears as I listen to them (I’m tearing up a bit now as I write this). I always ask about what group they came with and who their leaders were. I can often name their leaders which makes their eyes light up because of who they are to them. So I ask them about their leaders, what they did for them or to tell me a story about them. I love hearing the youth brag about their leaders, the way they loved and cared for them and gave them a safe space to belong through their teenage years that were often difficult for them. I’m so thankful for every single leader who is and has been a part of Easter Camps. I’m thankful for their hard work and the love that they pour into youth that makes a life-changing difference for many. I count it such an honour to work with them all.

While camp will always be packed with fun for our youth and team, the main thing will always remain the main thing. The reason why we have 100’s of crew and volunteers from Churches all around the North Island who will give their time, energy, finances, heart and soul is to share the hope of the Easter story. We want to share the life changing story of Jesus, “The Light of the World,” the hope that He gives through His life, death and resurrection.

This year, as always, I’m believing for more youth to come to know Jesus and to find life-changing hope and faith in Him. I believe that, in years to come, stories will be told of the impact of this camp. What if, in five years time, our incredible youth pastors, youth leaders, and crew will be stopped on the beach or in cafes and a young person will remind them of how they were invited to this camp where they met Jesus and how He transformed them. How awesome would that be? Let there be Light!

I can't wait to be together, I’m so excited about what God will do in all our lives this Easter.

Nāku, nā