northern easter camp decoration exclamation pointnorthern easter camp decoration exclamation point


northern easter camp maya edmunds



Maya calls Onehunga in Tāmaki Makaurau home and has done so her whole life! In Maya’s eyes, it’s not just about living life—it’s about walking hand-in-hand with Jesus through every bump, twist and turn life throws at us. Maya loves being a big sister and a friend to many, especially to her Royal Oak Baptist Church community. Her dream? To ignite a fire in the hearts of young people with the story of Jesus, inspiring them to step boldly into the unique journey God has designed for them. Maya loves using creativity to craft moments that bring glory to Jesus!

northern easter camp ants watt



Ants currently lives in Kolkata, India, with his wife Sandy and a bunch of other housemates! They live and work together in the hope of seeing transformation in their own lives, those around them, and in some of the big issues facing their community. Ants is passionate about what God is doing in the world and loves to see people find their part in that and fully live into their purpose.

northern easter camp blue bradley



Blue has been running camps for a long time now. He keeps coming back because he loves seeing thousands of young people running around with the energy they bring having fun. They inspire him and in his words, keep him young. Blue loves many things in life, he loves the open spaces of the outdoors, the crazy and unpredictable stories people have, and the adventure and fun that life brings. He loves his family and friends. But most of all he loves the hope that Jesus brings, it took hold of Blue when he was a teenager and changed his life forever. That’s all he really wants to do with his life, talk about that hope with people, and he can’t wait to share that message with you again this Easter.

northern easter camp michael rhodes



Michael and his bride Rebecca have spent the last 15 years living and working in low-income communities, primarily in Michael’s hometown of Memphis,Tennessee. Today, they and their four kids live in South Auckland and Michael teaches the Bible at Carey Baptist College. Michael fell in love with Jesus and the Bible as a teenager, but quickly discovered in Scripture Jesus’s passion for justice for the poor and marginalized. Michael and Rebecca feel called to help God’s people encounter God’s heart for the marginalised.

northern easter camp ana fletcher



Anashuya (Ana) decided to wholeheartedly follow Jesus at an Easter Camp when she was 15. Since then she’s spent her life following Jesus on epic adventures all over the world. She currently lives in Gonville, Whanganui with her whānau. She and her husband Paul are part of Urban Vision and love helping others discover the good news that Jesus has to offer them, their communities and our world. Amongst life as a māmā, wife, flatmate and neighbour, Ana volunteers with Te Ora Hou, moonlights as a local Anglican Priest, and is part of the team at Common Good Coffee.

Musical Artists

northern easter camp artists and performers kareena david

Kareena David


Born and raised in Tāmaki Makaurau, 18 year old Kareena David has a heart for worship and strong passion for music. Through combining both elements, her sound is full of joy, soul and jazz, creating a sweet sound to Lord. Kareena’s tunes are vibrant and full of love for relation with Jesus and people. Her music journey so far is inspired by all sorts of rhythm and blues, pop and christian artists - so she is bound to bring all the cozy acoustic vibes with some well known covers and originals!

northern easter camp artists and performers aaron and emma falconer

Aaron & Emma Falconer


Back by popular demand, Aaron and Emma Falconer present Come & Know Me; a 45 minute musical journey of eight songs, entwined with scripture, crafted to present the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Aaron & Emma Falconer are based in Tauranga, where they live with their daughter, Lottie. They began writing music together in 2014, with the purpose of using music to share the good news of God’s plan of redemption.

northern easter camp artists and performers sure brake band

Sure Brake


Experience an epic blend of pop, indie, and rock with Sure Brake! A group of four best mates bringing their musical talents together to form a dynamic band with a diverse catalogue of songs, best known for their memorable melodies, tight groove, and getting the crowd pumping!



northern easter camp silver screen disco


Lights, Camera, Action! Unleash your inner Hero, Wizard, Jedi, or Minion as we head to the movies for our annual EC dance party. Which flick will you pick? Shrek or Star Wars? Avengers or Avatar? Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Barbie or Batman? Grab your crew, step into the spotlight and get ready to groove with your favourite film icons until the credits roll. 

northern easter camp EC's got talent

EC's got talent

Reckon you’re a TikTok dance pro? Can you recite the Finnish alphabet backwards? Are you the next air-guitar legend? Or can you hit those whistle tones like Ariana Grande? Whatever your talent is, we want to see it! 

northern easter camp sports comp


Reckon your youth group has got what it takes to win it all? Better limber up and leave it all out on the field (or court?)

northern easter camp tribal wars


This year Tribal Wars is gonna be bigger and better than ever. EVERYONE has the opportunity to win points for their tribe…so get ready to bring your A-game.

northern easter camp super tag


Undercover tag with 1000’s of new mates? Sign me up! Will you be the last one standing?

northern easter camp youth takeover


This year we’re giving the old folks a sleep in and handing the Sunday morning session over to the youth and letting our young people loose for a totally youth-lead session! With youth MCs, a youth worship team, and youth speakers, get ready for a Celebration Sunday like nothing we’ve ever done before

northern easter camp sanctuary worship


SANCTUARY - The most holy place in a church / A place of safety and refuge. 
WORSHIP - The expression of reverence or adoration towards God.

We’re curating a space for people to come and dwell in the Lord’s presence and spend some time praising him for the incredible things that he has done for us. Come along for a special evening of worship, prayer, and ministry.